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Modern 4mm microear already on sale!

Modern 4mm microear already on sale!

Our online store speshyt lime clients radostnoy novostyu, appearance on the market of Ukraine Mykronaushnykov kit Ultra. Online samыy mynyatyurnыy Among besprovodnыh mynynaushnykov, and unykalen in svoem brood. Online ymeet Total 4 mm, but such daet Quality playing time, kotoroe, us with something not Compare.

Microears Ultra - This models VIP. Online you poraduet Highest quality playing time and dolhovechnostyu work, so How obladaet massoy dignity.

Ultra kit dignity mykronaushnykov

Production in the process yspolzuyut Components High quality, kotorыe harantyruyut dlytelnuyu and work slazhennuyu Total device as a whole.

Mykronaushnyk Ultra ymeet malenkye Dimensions and udobnuyu kapsulovydnuyu form Thanks to kotoroj, on absolutely nezameten s External side.

Production in the process prymenyaetsya Massa sovremennыh technology, Thanks to kotorыm Device ymeet otlychnыe tehnycheskye parameters and daryt Users Stunning opportunities.

 Technologies, Production prymenyaemыe IN TIME mykronaushnykov Ultra:


1. Safe for Health - daryt safety of consumer for health t TIME Using device. Headphone not vzaymodeystvuet with barabannoy pereponkoy, than sohranyaet hearing user.

2. Technology Ideaform zaschyschaet Users ear tissue from razdrazhenyy, Thanks to Using sylykonovoho termousadki pavement.

3. Thanks to technology noveyshey Perfect Sound mykronaushnyk equipped smennыm Filter, kotorыy zaschyschaet ego from popadanyya ushnoy sulfur, than life prodlevaet device.

4. Technology Energy Saving Devices obespechyvaet эnerhosberehayuschyy mode work, than samыm, prodlevaet One Term of operation for battery Approximately 6 times.

5. Using technology Connect Ready, and tochnee zakalennoy lehyrovannoy were in the battery holder, daryt Users High quality sound without kakyh-lybo pomeh or squeak.



Microears Ultra - This headphone new generation analog kotorыh vы not otыschyte in the market of Ukraine and CIS countries. The combination of such umeloe novyh and high technologies in devices mynyatyurnoho Size - delaet ego Samoa better modelyu Among the competitors.

Submitted on 02.05.2015
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