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Why do anchormen choose the earpieces?

Why do anchormen choose the earpieces?

The work of an anchorman involves a good sense of humor, remarkable acting ability, and the most importantly - an intuition: what he should say, how to stand in the spotlight and what he should to talk about. Such decisions are not always based on the reaction of the audience. And sometimes it is difficult to communicate with the world outside the stage or the studio. That is why the most of anchormen nowadays prefer to use the micro-earphones: it is invisible capsule in the ear, connected by means of Bluetooth-headset to the mobile phone, that allows to stay in contact and to act according to the situation.

For example, as a spectator, we can often notice that the anchorman adjusts the transmitter in the studio- he gives himself away by a characteristic gesture when he touches the ear. Thanks to the work of the cameramen, we do not see the thin wires on the body of anchorman. These wires provide voice record and by means of them the connection with technologists is adjusted. They tell him in live broadcast the time his interlocutor can chat for and when the anchorman has to ask the next question; they can also monitor opinion and interest of target audience to the program during discussing of certain topics. Anyway, the television industry is a huge world. And if in picture you can see just an anchorman, it doesn’t means that there is no work of the whole team out of vision. The micro-earphone allows connect the work of the team and the anchorman. If you are the anchorman or the owner of TV channel, the micro-earphone can be an indispensable working tool, as it can do “live program” in the studio easier.

But there are different anchormen. If it comes to showmen, it should be noted that the work in this segment is not an easy job. Sometimes the number of events exceeds the limit, and time on the detailed study of the evening program just is not enough. At the same time, nobody wants spoil the name. For example, in one of Odessa nightclubs it was popular to hold fights without rules. However, the anchorman was so far from the names of methods and rules of combat in general, that the earphone became his indispensable assistant and helped him to avoid the shame. Can you just imagine how would his rating have lowered if he had to admit that he is a layman in the men's sports? The coach was in touch with him constantly behind the scene. He timely prompted to the unfortunate anchorman what he should say and do. It managed to escape a lot of paradoxes concerning female beauty during the Beauty contest. When an unplanned replacement of contestants, one of Odessa beauties had to give it her best shot to fulfill the requirements of the director, given that it was her first time on stage. In this case, she has not yielded to other contestants and has even received the audience award!

The price of the micro-earphone is small in comparison with the prestige and fees. But sometimes the micro-earphone saves from the failure, which the anchormen are afraid of. You are not immune to the fact that you will never forget anything. However, when you are connected with your assistant, you can always be confident in your abilities. Such confidence is the result of the presence of the micro-earphone. The anchormen recommend it!

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