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How the earphone works?

How the earphone works?

Consider as an example a set “Student +”. It consists of three components: a headset, earphone and mobile phone.

Earphone is a small capsule (less than 13 mm), which is occultly placed in the ear canal. You will listen to a speech of your assistant through the earphone. All information to the micro-earphone is transmitted by radio and wires are not used.

Headset is an intermediate link between the mobile phone and the earphone. It consists of an inductive antenna, interface of connection to the phone and microphone. The interface of connection is made in the form of Bluetooth-module. Antenna is made in a form of inductive loop of wire, which the user hangs around the neck. The mechanism of the headset is simple: the signal from the phone through the interface is transmitted to the antenna and the antenna transmits it directly to the earphone. The microphone is used for feedback. Through it your assistant will listen to your questions, or questions of examiners / business opponents. All the sounds within 2-3 meters are transmitted through the microphone.

Phone –is a link between you and your helper. Of course, the man with the earphone must have a mobile phone or Walkie-Talkie (in cases if the suppressors for mobile communication work). The mobile phone can be as GSM, and CDMA. The main thing is to make it compatible with the headset.

You should put mobile phone in a pocket or in a bag. Then you must connect a headset to it. Your friend takes the other telephone and calls you. You have to take the call and you are connected. Then you go to exam, take an examination card with a variant, answers of topic of composition.  Then you pass the subject matter to your friend. He starts dictating you the necessary information. And it is absolutely imperceptibly. The information is transferred to a hidden earpiece, located in your ear. You just have to write! If you have the oral exam, earphone is also useful. After all, the headset has a highly sensitive microphone which transmits all sounds within a radius of 3 m! So the assistant can hear your whisper and questions of the examiner. Do you need a set for business-meeting or a court? Use the same scheme. Talks and discussions will clearly be transferred to your remote prompter in real time.

Repeated use of the system in various exams and tests, entrance and state exams, courts, business negotiations confirmed  it’s the highest efficiency of the device and is 100% justified.

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