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What to do if you heard a radio earpiece or other noise?

What to do if you heard a radio earpiece or other noise?
Each modern twenty-first century student heard about devices such as wireless earpieces. And most of them did not once used in their work, but also to its fullest exploit this know-how for a long time.
If you are the lucky owner of this wonderful device, then you know that noise can be, but there is nothing to worry about.
Read more on the micro and about where interference occurs!

Considering workflow system as a whole, it becomes clear why it is possible in the background in the form of noise to hear a radio program or a neighbor in the dorm. Inductive loop, so-called antenna, is inserted in the Bluetooth headset, which is transmitted via a signal to the earphone. It transmits a signal to a distance of 30-40 centimeters. A earpiece receives these signals. But if there is another source earpiece will perceive him. However, the signal of your loop it will be broadcast in the earpiece loud noise and quietly in the background. This explains why it is possible to hear some noise.
What to do if you hear a noise in their ear. Firstly, do not panic. Assistant dictating material, you'll enjoy hearing and noise - it's just the background that will never eclipse. Second, try to correct the interference. If it is - the neighbor next door, then move away from it. Neighbors that mini headphones are well heard at a distance of 20cm, all who are on - all quieter and weaker. If this obstacle - the welding machine or engine running, you should, if possible, move away from them.
Despite the fact, what you gain earpieces, expensive or cheap, what brand or manufacturer - interference may occur in any of the models. Also, it is worth remembering that the guarantee and quality of the device on the amount of noise does not affect.
Buy earpieces - it is always the right choice!
Lung exams you!
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