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Nano Magnit Bluetooth

Brief description

Nano Magnit Bluetooth

Package «Nano Magnit Bluetooth»

We would like to present you a modern and technologically advanced set of wireless earpieces. It consists of the micro miniature 2mm. The device is placed in the eardrum and completely unnoticeable from the outside, even if much to look into the ear. Powered earpiece from electromagnetic waves that provoke fluctuations earphone and sound. The headset does not have a speaker and receiver signals.
Bluetooth headset features a built-in microphone of increased power, the possibility of which will simply amaze you. Super sensitive microphone gives your assistant to distinguish even whisper quiet.
Set in a beautiful running tandem with the mobile device, which is equipped with Bluetooth function. The radius of the signals from the headset to a mobile phone - 10 meters. With the help of the navigation function can be controlled calls and volume.
Down the battery "Krona".
Despite the tiny size, the headset is equipped with a rechargeable battery. This technique can continuously operate without recharging for 8 hours. Not all models of the micro boast such parameters, which are considered one of the most important. It is very compact and convenient as possible!

Pros and Cons of the micro magnetic.

Of course, the advantages of using this device very much, but there is one drawback. From the mechanical movements of the earphone to the eardrum can damage human hearing.
  • HeadsetBluetooth
  • Dimensions 2 x 2 x 3
  • Talktime8
  • Price2390

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