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How to pass external independent testing in mathematics for good grades?

How to pass external independent testing in mathematics for good grades?
This question does not sleep every student who graduated from school, after which wants to enter the coveted academy or university. For what came up external independent testing? In order to accurately determine the level of knowledge of graduates, as well as whether it can be defined by the applicant student. As this - a comprehensive exam, the results of which comes to higher education, because it is difficult and written off. 
Question of how to pass this test in mathematics at five very important for most students? Here is a short list of options for the successful completion of testing. 
The first - to get the certificate. The probability of success is not more than 2%. On the internet you can find information about the fake certificate. Be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters. Remember that the certificate - the document is an important and heavily controlled by the relevant authorities. He is so thoroughly tested, to the point that raised the work performed. Therefore, consider it worth the risk? Maybe you just want to make money? 
Second - use of crib sheets. The probability of success is not more than 30%. This ancient method used by our parents and grandparents. But here we must be able to exploit the cribs. Need to carry them unnoticed, it is very difficult. And to get so that the teacher did not see, and still have time to read it and write off - in general, solid craftsmanship. So do not expect to be a huge success. Also worth remembering that if you zasekut for cheating with cribs, the test results can be canceled at all. Also, tips on friends should not expect in this case - "every man for himself." 
Third - buy earpiece. The probability of success is almost 100%. This new device has already helped many graduates write serious problems with mathematics. But then you must learn how to use and operate correctly. Then you just turn in on the top five. Insert a small earpiece in the ear, connected with someone quietly dictated tasks - and write the answer. Amazingly simple and easy! 
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