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Student+: описание

The set “Student+” consists of micro-earphone “D-5” of 10 mm length and Bluetooth headset Nokia with microphone amplifier. In distinction from the set “Student”, the present set is equipped with micro-earphone with more expensive components, so the clearness and volume of sound is much better than in set “Student”.

The warranty is also increased from 2 to 5 years.

Bluetooth headset is used as an interconnection interface between the telephone and earphone, but in distinction from the cheaper sets, it is drawn together on the basis of the highest quality components and has a built-in microphone amplifier that allows your assistant to recognize even the quietest whisper. The advantages of connection on basis of Bluetooth are evident! The most important one is absence of wires connected telephones and a headset, it allows you to hide the telephone into your case, stash pocket or into the bag, the most important condition is a distance within 15 meters.

Nowadays the set “Student+” is the most popular and saleable set in our shop. There are some reasons of it: the presence of Bluetooth headset with maximal characteristics, not minimal but acceptable size of earphones, perfect quality and extended warranty!!

In case of purchase the set “Student+” you will make the right choice. 

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