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Magnetic 1mm earphone

Magnetic 1mm earphone: описание

Magnetic earphone can be harmful for your health.

Magnetic earphone is made especially for people that worry that they can be exposed. This earphone is absolutely invisible in the ear, wherever you are looking at. It can be detected at a doctor’s office only.

Such invisibility is due to the small size 1*1 mm and the way of sound transmission. It has no dynamics! The earphone transmits sound through the micro-vibrations. However, because of it should be placed at the eardrum, it is suitable not for everyone! First, the procedure for laying the earphone is not a pleasant one, and secondly, you have to be absolutely sure that your ears are completely healthy. Since the slightest congenital or acquired defects of your eardrum or any ear disease are incompatible with the use of magnetic earphone.

If you have sick ears, you can cause serious damage to your health when using this type of earphone. In case if you are not sure or if you don’t want to risk, we can suggest you any other kind of micro-earphone on our site. If you have no any problems with your ears, let us elaborate on the working principles of such device: So, what do we have? The earphone is constructed in a form of a pill 1*1 mm. Such earphone should be inserted deep into the ear canal (directly at the eardrum).

Corps of the micro-earphone vibrates and a person can hear a sound! The magnetic earpiece receives vibration (signal) from the classical inductive loop around your neck with a separately derived microphone, chips unit and two crowns of 9 volts. After using the earphone is removed by means of special high-power magnet, which should be attached to the ear and the earphone will be gravitated to it. The advantages of such construction are obvious: the absolute invisibility of the set, the minimum price at the expense of ease of manufacture! But there are also obvious disadvantages: there is a headroom wired headset with two crowns is very noticeable on the body, so, you will have to wear a lot of clothes; amplified signal of a loop creates a powerful magnetic field (5 times greater than conventional earphones) - so after using the earphone the headaches can cause. In case of tympanic membrane defects and diseases of the ears, the magnetic headphones can cause hearing loss!

We do not recommend the frequent use of an earpiece in mind the known disadvantages, however, we cannot deny the fact that nowadays it is the most imperceptible earphone. You cannot find more hidden set!

It is perfect for situations when secrecy is the most important thing.

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