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Causes damage to the micro and repair!

Causes damage to the micro and repair!
Let's look at all aspects of the operation of this device! The most common causes of breakdowns is the neglect of this miniature machine owners themselves. Therefore, the main rule long and high-quality work of this mechanism is accurate behavior with him.
1) The first cause of failure can be a manufacturing defect. And here it will be our problem! All problems of this type of free or eliminate the manufacturers or sellers of technology.
2) If you have a problem that you hear, and you - no, it is likely in your case accessory break inductive loop or girlfriend called antenna. Obry can occur both in the micro and the headset. Most often it occurs because not careful handling equipment.
3) If you do not hear in the headphones hissing, then, most likely, there was a failure in the device. This may be dynamic breaking and chip failure. These faults can happen as a result of the fall, does not properly install the battery or marriage during manufacture. Alone with this problem you can not handle, so the earpiece should be given to experienced and skilled craftsmen to repair.
4) Sometimes such a problem that the Bluetooth headset is not included. This comes from the fact that the battery is fully seated or headset burned because of power surges. One of the options for your actions - charge the battery for a long time - more than 12 hours. If this does not help you, then you should contact the workshop. In addition, a voltage regulator, you save your battery and charger from premature failure.
5) During operation, it is worth remembering that you can not use batteries that contain silver oxide. These elements contribute to the fact that the dynamics fails. We recommend buying only tested for the micro batteries
6) If you are too sharply pulled the earpiece out of the ear, it is likely that it could break the fishing line, then your device will be exactly on the table wizard. But it is very easy to fix, so this wisdom and secrets you will be able to encroach on the first try for yourself.
Secrets of proper handling of these tiny know-how we have disclosed to you, so buy earpiece price is optimal and take the exam - easy!
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