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Is it better to buy or rent the micro-earphone?

Is it better to buy or rent the micro-earphone?

In the beginning of the session the students clutch their heads. But there is a question in their heads – not “how to pass exams?”, but “how much does it cost?”. In many cases, when the bribes to university professors are exorbitant, and you would like to pass exam easily and without paying too much money, the micro-earphone can help you.

It is a portable device consisting directly of the capsule and a headset to it, it is convenient and unobtrusive to use, it is an indispensable tool in examinations and tests. Such device costs not too much. The price depending on the specifications, is ranged from 800 to 2000 UAH., - in fact, such “toy” can get regained for one exam or for one session. You can buy it in most online stores and delivery will take from several hours to several days.

However, such purchases are interesting in the only case when the student really doesn’t want to study. The micro-earphone will be useful for all years of the study, and then it can be convenient at work (it has already become an integral part in the law practice, as well as in your projects, or on television and in show business). Also you can give it to your younger relatives.

In other case, it will be much more convenient to rent the micro-earphone. Such service is available in the market already for a long time. Rent has established itself from the positive side in the case if you need a micro-earphone to write just one or two exams. The rent price is around 160 UAH a day. It is easy to get such device for rent- you should just call and the device will be delivered in any convenient place within 1 hour. It is also convenient to rent the micro-earphone if you need it just as helper. It is usually possible to assess the benefits of new technology on the first try. But you need time to calculate the cost savings of the purchase. At the same time, it is easy enough. So, let’s calculate.

The most of exams that are passed by means of micro-earphone are the subjects that broaden the mind. The cost of such exams in different higher education institutions varies from 300 to 2000 UAH. So, in case of rent the micro-earphone you save 140 UAH or more.

When it comes about the session, then you will have to spend minimum 2500 UAH. At the same time, the cost of micro-earphone varies to 2000 UAH. You can see a benefit of acquisition. And what if you have such sessions twice a year? And you should study for 5 years… You should remember that suchmethod of cheating is universal, it does not require any time-consuming to prepare, or nerves with the question if you can be caught with crib-notes or not.

Nowadays the students proceed exactly this way. The most of students prefer the acquisition of the micro-earphone. They have learned the rule that an investment in them is the best kind of investment, because they can always pay off. And what will you spend your saved money on?

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