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How to replace a line in the micro ears?

How to replace a line in the micro ears?

Wireless earpieces - essential device during exams. But sometimes, during improper use earphone, you can break the line. This usually occurs when it pulled very strongly.

He takes earpiece!

If you have a fishing line in his hand, and the earpiece in the ear - do not worry! Delete the device, you can use tweezers! We are doing this procedure carefully so as not to damage the tiny chip device. Broken earpiece can be attributed to the experts for troubleshooting, or you can do everything yourself. To do this, we took a short video that will demonstrate how to do everything on their own, in order to save your budget!

 Change the line for yourself!

The first step will be the removal of all remnants of the old fishing line. Crop the remaining end, then sticks the needle into the small hole that pushed all the remnants of the fishing line. The main rule uspeha- do everything very clearly and carefully, so as not to damage the chip!

The second stage will be the placement of a new fishing line. Take a thin fishing line, fishing possible, 0.25 mm thick and cut a few centimeters. We push it into the hole, so that both sides were about two centimeters of line. One side ignite matches or lighters, and until cooled, make the plane fingers. Pour it with superglue and stretch into the middle of the headphone. This is necessary to heat shrinkage. The other end also singeing your fingers and do roundels, with which you can easily extract the earpiece out of the ear.

Earpiece - Crib 21 century.

Wireless earpieces complete with a Bluetooth headset is widely used students during delivery session. This kit in conjunction with a mobile phone - works wonders! It provides a hidden connection, through which you can convey a lot of information you need from one person to another.

Buy earpieces can we have in the store at an affordable price!

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