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Secrets of cheating

Secrets of cheating

Idea to cheat off the exams for the first time came up with Karl the Great in IX century. The monarch could not remember his own signature; that is why he always drew it from a crib-note. We don’t know if he was clever, but we know without any doubts that he was inventive. Since then, the ingenuity of students grew, and if the crib-notes were written by hand, and cheating on the exam required uncommon preparation, today you can pass exam for excellent mark without any preparation to it. How? The students can tell you.

I pass exams with crib-notes “bombs”. It is convenient, but it works not any time I need. The method is not complicated, but it is necessary to prepare for cheating in advance. In the evening I should write the answers to exam questions on pieces of paper and write the numbers of examination card with a pencil in the upper right corner in order to pull these “bombs” out during exam without any problems. Yes, you are right! Everything I need to do on exam is to pull the required ticket out and swap it around with my examination answers. However, this method can be used in such conditions: if you know in advance the questions of exam and their order in examination card; exam should be passed on your own pieces of paper and there must be not more than one examiner. It is always scared to be suddenly exposed. Then you should use the ingenuity. In such cases I say that there is a draft version in my hands. And if I know that the lecturer is very exacting, I make at home the “invisible bomb”: under the conventional bomb I substitute the same sheet of paper, take a pen with a thicker rod, and take to the exam the sheet was under the “bomb”. If you seat next to a window, the pen onslaught is visible good enough. And all you need- to pull the necessary paper with an “invisible bomb” out of other papers for drafts and cut around by pen the answers that has already been written.

As for me, the micro-earphone was the most indispensable thing for each session and, in particular, during public examinations. It is a small capsule that is inserted into the ear, Bluetooth headset for it and mobile phone. I warn my friend about exam in advance and ask him to help me with answers. We never prepare because it is enough to find my exam question in the Internet or open my summary or the text-book on the necessary topic and find the answers there. He can be located anywhere when I am in a lecture hall. Prior exam we connect each other and when I get examination card, my friend read me the answers through the micro-earphone. When I see the question from my card, I feign to scratch the neck, but really I signaled into the microphone. Then he started to dictate to me the answer to my question. Over time, we learned how to do it with a sense, tact, slowly, and I had enough time to look out the window and scratch a head, ostensibly to collect together all the thoughts. And if I saw a question that was absent in my prior list, I asked examiner to go to me and read him my question (and my helper also heard it) and asked some stuff on it. And in 2 minutes my friend was dictating and answer to me. I wasn’t scared because the micro-earphone is very small and nobody could see it in my ear. The girls pass themselves by hairstyles, putting the hair on one side, but I can’t do it. Anyway, I don’t need it.

At first, by the way, we were afraid that if there are some people in the hall with the micro-earphones, the signals will interrupt each other. In fact, all our fears are in the past. Sometimes it happened that one in three students wrote his exam by means of the micro-earphone and each of them had good marks. And then we were scared by “stubs”. Funny. In order to put such a device in Ukraine it is necessary to have a special permit. In our country the security service only has such permission, and our lecturer can hardly work there. And if you put a stub without approval, you can bear a criminal responsibility. So, I know much about it.

Although I have already graduated from the university, I still use the micro-earphone in important meetings and in court where each word has a sense. By the way, I never felt a pity about money for purchase of the micro-earphone.  I have bought it for 200 USD, although the average price for such devices was about 90-500 USD. The latter version is like for spies. By the way, I have an idea to change my old micro-earphone for it.  I rented it on the first course but then I calculated: there are about 5 exams during the session, and there are 10 sessions at all. And it means that I have paid for each exam about…4 dollars. It’s favorable! There were some cases when I could pass exam for excellent mark without any preparation. Now I advise it to all my friends.

I used to prepare for the exam thoroughly, so I did not really need crib-notes. By the way you are always afraid to be detected if you don’t know how to use them. And the examiner also sees it: if a student has crib-notes he is very sure in his forces and sometimes he turns in different sides and tries to control each motion of examiner. So, he gives himself in such a way. That’s why I just do little hints on the subject. You are always nervous on exam when you don’t remember a formula or definition. And if you write them in advance on the body: on hands under the sweater, or on the leg, just above the skirt, they can always save you from failure, and everything else is just your own creativity and outlook. It’s much more important to understand the working of theory in practice than learning of definitions. But writings on the body are effective in the only case if you really prepare to exam.

During exam I rely only on my mobile. I have a new model of mobile phone for this purpose, with the Internet and not very big screen – the examiner should not call attention on it. When getting examination card I look it for in the Internet. At this time the telephone lays on the table covered with a piece of paper. I write in such a way. Saying the truth, I don’t always have the answers for exam or I have to look for answer for a long time. Sometimes the Internet is too slow. And if the exam is really difficult, I just make photos of answers and compose something like a guide-book. Sometimes I try to find the tutorial on the subject in the Internet, but it takes many time to find the answers on exam. If I arrange with my friend in advance, I send him sms with questions or mms with a task from exam . He decides everything and sends me the answers. But I don’t always have enough time to write it all off. So, I don’t expect the mark better than “satisfactory”.

And I write exams with paper crib note. Previously I write them by hand, and  then folded them like an accordion and numbered, or cut out small rectangles. Now I do everything on the computer and print it out. It is convenient to take the crib note in the left hand and turn it over by a pen. And rectangle with the answers can be placed directly under the examination paper. The main thing is not to get confused with the questions during the exam! A guide-book and a big number of pockets are really useful. Ideally, the whole group is agreed in advance to distract the examiner by calling him and asking questions. When some of student ask him the questions, the other part of students use their crib notes. The most important is not to be afraid and ask the questions. You should ask a lot of questions to the lecturer on consultation in order to ensure him that you learn nothing. Such crib notes help not always. Then you should go to resit.

I prefer to be “agent 007” on exam, that’s my habit since high school! I take a pen with invisible ink and write the answers for exam at home, and then I evince ink on exam. It works always if I know in advance the number of examination card and how the examination card looks like. And my course mate writes exams by means of a pen with a crib-note. It costs cheap but it is very useful if you can’t remember a formula.

As you can see, nowadays students are very inventive. “Bombs” or replacement of examination cards for one prepared in advance, paper crib notes, , WAR, SMS, and MMS in mobile phone are also irreplaceable components of a successful passing exams. But all these methods require the advanced preparation or additional forces on exam. The use of the micro-earphone helps to avoid it. In accordance with practice, it helps to pass exams without much effort, and even for excellent mark. It is invisible to the examiner, and can save you money and time. You should agree that passing exam for 4 dollars without any preparation is a real student freeby. We recommend: don’t be afraid to  ask questions to the examiner before and during the exam, pester him with questions on the consultation, forget about self-confidence, but do not show your fear - it will help you avoid unnecessary attention from theexaminer and provide an opportunity to find answers to any exam questions!

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