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How to pass on excellent external independent testing?

How to pass on excellent external independent testing?
Who came up with this sophisticated testing? Many issues and subjects, foreign teachers. Difficult to pass! Do you agree with me? 
This was also my first opinion. But now, I do not think so. I want to share with you the experience successful completion of testing, and how quietly it written off. I'll tell you a little secret, and "tricks" successful cheating, someone to rely on that count. 
I was not going to learn anything. After school part-time job so I did not have the time or desire. But at the same school as it was necessary to finish, and my mother did not want to disappoint. Therefore, the only option - which is written off. But how to do it so as not to catch the eye of teachers? Everyone knows, if you condemn in cheating, the test results immediately canceled. Therefore, it was necessary to write off: skillfully and very quietly. 
Cribs - long proven method. 
I think we must act for sure. So we had a long workout. Took a best friend who played the role of a teacher, and started trying. Just try to remove the "spur" Zrazy "teacher" and timed incriminate. It is easy to get caught - not an option. 
Mobile - the best friend! 
Well, I think the latest technology - exactly help. I am writing to a friend sms, send and receive an answer. And yet - "Bob's your uncle!". But not so easy as it seemed at first glance. Friends who have passed testing last year, opened our eyes. It turns mobile phones - were taken. But if you managed to carry on his exam, then there was a surprise for such craftsmen! Completely block the signal. And your sms frustrating waiting on the phone. 
Thought to ICQ - zasekut. Trained on Ipod, but its size is too large and very noticeable on the table. Camera - a wonderful option photographed question go to the toilet. But this task, the examiner may accompany the student. And the plan with a camera - completely, bursting at the seams! 
This technique is designed for covert communication, immediately interested me. Having read the reviews about this device, generally remained - happy. Considered the product range, which found headphones - best what - reliable, which - more powerful, and what - cheaper. 
The next day, along with a friend went to the store, where we consistently explained what to do. But it seemed to me that this is not enough, and we decided to test the device on itself. My friend and I were in shock. From the outside, nothing can be seen and not heard. Here it is - the best option! We have agreed to lease, paid and took it with a marvelous device. 
But it is worth remembering some of the nuances of this device. 
First, if you know only three, do not try to pass the exam better standouts. It is easy to get caught. 
Second, a bit of acting. Do not go into the audience too confident, or vice versa, all the doubts and, with eyes, if you now ulichat. 
Third, learn and think signals once again not to speak out, and not be suspected. Double clicking a pen - "Yes", single - "no", etc. 
So I passed the exam on his four, mother - and was happy I did not hurt. 
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