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Cotton filter in the micro - change yourself!

Cotton filter in the micro - change yourself!

Poor sound in the earpiece - a problem in the filter!

Wireless earpieces have one weakness - a cotton filter, which has the property to get clogged by earwax. As a result, the consumer reduces the volume in the ear or even lost hearing. This drawback is not eliminated, since it is directly related to the method of using the headphones in the human body.

You just need to learn how to operate the earpieces! Here are some simple but very effective rules!

Firstly, immediately prior to use cotton buds to clean ears.

Secondly, from time to time replace cotton filter, in order to avoid loss of sound at the crucial moment, for example, during the exam.

How can I change the filter!

Change the damaged cotton filter new - very simple. The main rule - to do everything very carefully.

Take the earphone and gently remove the old filter with a needle, being careful not to damage the speaker. Along the edges remove all remnants of wool.

Then, take a small piece of cotton wool and attached to the earpiece. Needle pushes the edges of cotton dynamics.

Attention: wool should not be much! A huge amount of it will just block the sound!

If you are interested, there is a possibility to use the earpiece without the filter, we will answer - it is strictly forbidden to do!

Micro Earpiece - a device, giving the secret relationship!

Earpiece is used with a bluetooth headset and mobile phone. With these devices, the consumer gets hidden from prying eyes communication quality. It is indispensable during the delivery session, projections, debates and discussions.

Buy earpiece, which will give you great opportunities and will open in front of you a lot of prospects, we can at best prices!

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