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Advice on use hidden earphone

Advice on use hidden earphone

1. Do not come to the exam in T-shirts, sweaters with low collar. Because the examiner can see the inductive loop around your neck.

2. If there are some people passing exam with micro-earphones, it would be better to sit as far from each other as possible, because micro-earphones can interfere with each-other.

3. Friend that dictates you exam should always ask you questions like, “slow down?”, “Faster?”, “OK?”, “Skip this paragraph?” etc. In such a scheme of work you should just whisper “yes”/ “no”.

4. Acquire in a booth or a shop the hygienic ear sticks and take it a rule: prior each use of the micro-earphone clean the ear aperture from earwax. Thus, you can instantly insure yourself against the most frequent cases of not guarantee failure of the micro – earphones- the hit of sulfur in the sound channel.

5. Try to give the headset to other people as seldom as possible; as a rule, they don’t appreciate other people’s things. To repair or buy a new earphone YOU should pay money.

6. Only use the batteries specified in your instruction! When using the earphone for exams with other elements of power (SONY, GP, RENATA etc) earphone can simply be burnt. And damage due to incorrect use of the battery will be deemed non-warranty.

7. Do not drop your Earphone. This may damage it. The micro-earphone is a whimsical technique and it calls for a careful treatment.

8. After successfully passing the exam, do not leave the battery in the earphone. This may damage it.

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