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Magnetic еarphone - a hidden danger

Magnetic еarphone - a hidden danger

On the eve of the session there is increasing number of students wishing to pass exams fast and without any problems. It is possible to do by means of micro-earphone – wireless device that can be placed in the ear and it allows writing exams at dictation, absolutely imperceptible for others. However the most of students prefer devices with a lower cost, without any knowledge about the risk to their health.

It is referred to magnetic micro-earphones, which cost is lower at 200-300 UAH in comparison with other models. Magnetic micro-earphones are considered to be innovative product of Russian inventors but a close study of the mechanism of their work makes to think: they can cause infection, suppuration, and even hearing loss!

The feature of magnetic micro-earphones is that they are placed at the eardrum. Magnetic disk of size of 1-3 millimeters interacts with the antenna-loop, which is worn around the neck. It is a coil with many turns of very thin wire. It generates an electromagnetic field that makes the micro-earphone vibrate. Whereas such device is attached directly to the eardrum, the vibrations are transmitted directly to it and then by means of through the ossicles to sound-on part of the auditory analyzer – “snail”.

However, fastening of washer close to the tympanic membrane is impossible due to its natural structure: it is inclined to the bottom wall of the external ear canal, and it makes an angle of approximately 30 degrees. So, the micro-earphone touches the edge of the eardrum only. And due to the long interaction it causes the mechanical damage of the latter. And the eardrums are known not to be restored.

In addition, there are many questions regarding ease of use of the device - namely, its withdrawal from the ear. Warning: attempts to derive micro-device can lead you to an ENT specialist. The matter is the external ear canal has not a straight form suitable for drawing an earpiece, but S-shaped bend in the horizontal and vertical plane. In the middle of this passage there is an anatomical narrowing - isthmus. Foreign bodies that arrived on the isthmus can be removed only with the help of an experienced specialist. Especially when it comes to a small flat object. Besides this, installation of the micro magnetic and attempts of its removal can lead to infection of the ear canal skin (otitis externa diffusa) – neither micro-earphone, nor injector for installation are previously sterilized, and therefore they tend to accumulate pathogens. And immersion of a foreign body into the ear can also contribute to the growth of fungal flora and the emergence of otomycosis. Experts warn that prolonged use of a magnetic micro headphone can cause damage to the auditory nerve and lead to sensorineural hearing loss!

The use of micro headphone for people suffering from chronic diseases of the middle ear is prohibited, because it leads to an exacerbation of the disease and subsequent suppuration of the ear. And abutting of micro-headphone to the tympanic membrane, in case of a defect, may lead to failure of the magnetic disk in the middle ear cavity. In this case, the surgical intervention is necessary.

ENT specialists do not recommend the use of magnetic earphones, because they can cause irreparable damage to your health. However if it has happened, if it is difficult for you to remove the micro headphone, don’t try to remove it by yourself – contact a specialist for help!

Thus, the criterion of “price-quality” in the selection of micro -headphone plays an important role. Saving on the purchase of one of the magnetic micro -headphones, you can once and forever lose the most important thing - the ability to hear other people.

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