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Earpiece is a very high-tech device. For handling the micro need to be careful and observe the basic rules: 

1) Do not drop the earpiece from a height of more than 1 meter. 
2) Always time to change the cotton filter and do not use without it. In order to not clog earpiece earwax. 
3) Do not leave in the micro batteries after use. Tk, you can forget about the battery for a long time, and she after a full discharge can swell or leak, resulting in a malfunction. 
4) Carefully removing the earpiece from the ear in order to avoid truncation of the line or drop the micro. 
5) carefully handle Bluetooth or wired headset. Do not distort the inductive loop (antenna) excessively and be careful when dressing and taking pictures of the headset. Because it is possible perelymy wires in the antenna in the forced circulation. 
6) Follow the local power supply, charging the headset. Because the voltage drops can cause damage to the board headset or failure of the battery. 

What to do if broken earpiece? 

If any malfunction occurs, please contact our customer service center. Call us at the following numbers can be. 
We are ready to make a warranty and post-warranty repair of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We repair all types of earpieces, regardless of whether they have purchased from us or not. 

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