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Differences of the micro-earphones

Differences of the micro-earphones

The main difference of sets with earphones is a type of headset is used. Micro-earphone wirelessly connects to the antenna, which in turn is hidden under your clothing around the neck and connected to a mobile phone, radio or tape recorder in the following ways:

With Hands Free

For connection it is necessary to insert the plug of the headset into a slot of Hands Free of mobile phone.

Advantages: It is the simplest way of connection. And correspondingly – the cheapest one. For example, Bluetooth-connection is exposed to interference. So if in the audience there will run a powerful point of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-module can fail. A wired connection is not “afraid” of radio interference. Another significant advantage is a cheap headset. Sets with a wired headset in average cost 30% cheaper.

Disadvantages: In fact, you are “attached” to the mobile phone. You can not leave your phone in a jacket, purse or briefcase. It should be in your pocket. And accordingly, if you need to leave your phone outside the lecture hall, you can be left without connection. You need also understand that slot Hands Free is different for each phone model. So, when buying the headset for Nokia, you can use a set with telephone Nokia only.

Sets: Economy, Economy+ and Economy-mini.

With bluetooth

You need to configure Bluetooth-connection between your phone and the module hanging around your neck. A mobile phone can be located up to 10 meters from the module, ie it can be put in a handbag, a case, etc.

Advantages: Such way of connection is the most convenient. You can leave your phone in a bag, jacket, and briefcase. The main thing is that the distance between the phone and the module hanging around your neck should be less than 10 meters. Otherwise, the connection will have a poor quality.

Disadvantages: Sets on a base of Bluetooth are much more expensive than models of wired connection. It is connected with the high cost of Bluetooth-module. It should also be remembered that the wireless interface actively consumes energy of the phone battery. So, you have to check the charge of the battery in the headset and the phone.

Sets: Student, Student+, Professional and Spy.

With radio

The radio-sets (Walkie-Talkie ) are used in such models instead of telephones. You take with you one radio-set and another one is taken by your helper. This set consists of the wired headset similar to Hands Free. It should be inserted into the radio-set.

Advantages: The radio-sets can  provide connection inside the lecture hall without any problems even if there are GSM-jammers installed. Jammers can’t interfere  with the connection of the two radio-sets because they work on a different frequency. In addition, you do not have the expense of mobile communications. Indeed, the connection between the radio-sets is free.

Disadvantages: The radio set must be available for you, because the wired headset is used. Plus, keep in mind that Walkie-Talkie is bigger than a mobile phone. And in order to hide them you have to wear at least a jacket.

Sets: Hummer

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