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How to go to swim with the help of the micro earpiece?

How to go to swim with the help of the micro earpiece?
Wireless earpieces are very popular not only for the exam, but also for an interview.
            Let's look at an example of a job interview for the position of sailors long voyage, a profession which are considered the most complex and multifactorial. Workers crewing companies is very strict and scrupulous workers to pick up the ship, on a variety of criteria, as their choice depends on many lives and harmonious atmosphere on the ship.

Requisite for any interview in the crewing company:

            The first prerequisite is to hold special navychok, knowledge of the scope of work, the terminology that is used on the ship. It is important to know these details, as this will depend on the work of the whole team and the ship as a whole.
            The second, no less mandatory condition is the mastery of a foreign international language. Representatives kryuringovoy companies often conduct interviews in English. Therefore, speaking, vocabulary is perfect - not even discussed. In addition, you need to know and more specific marine English language, which is used in the robot all the time.
            Since these criteria are very strict, so often for the successful passage to the desired position without the aid of the micro complete with a Bluetooth headset - can not do. By placing a small device in his ear, you will be linked together and the purity of the sound quality. And with the phone and the headset you have the opportunity to contact and obtain information from the assistant. Set the micro is so designed, that its operation you no one will ever convict. This device can be used for the first stage of a job - written tests, and the second - an oral interview.
            Buy spy micro earpiece is a simple affair, difficult in this stage is a good helper. It is best to take an assistant experienced sailor, then the road will be on board for you to open.
            Use the earpieces, the price which is acceptable, and fulfill our dreams come true!
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