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Myths about the earphones

Myths about the earphones

One of the arguments by which students ignore the micro- earphone is its “unprofitable” and high price. We often hear: “For 300 dollars I can pass all the exams for excellent mark in my university.” Unfortunately, the above amount is not enough to solve the problems with examiners.

The prices for exams/modules/tests in Ukrainian universities vary in a wide range: from 3 dollars for a bottle of alcohol to laboratory assistant to 1000 dollars for state exam. Actually you can save your money if you buy the micro-earphone especially for state exam. Because the most expensive set costs about 500 dollars. Sure, even the most inveterate losers try to prepare to state exam seriously. But even students with excellent results want to secure themselves against fail.

If we leave such extremes as a test for $ 1,000, and take the average Ukrainian university, the average number of exams. Let's say you are a student of the 2nd course. You have to study 4 years at all. Every year you pass minimum 8 exams, 6 tests and some dozens of modules. Total- 14 serious and 20-30 negligible student trials. Let's say that you learn in a modest university, and exam costs 50$ and a test -30$. Total- 580$ a year. Do you try to learn something during semester? Then, we assume that you have problems only with a third part of subjects. But even in this case, you will have to pay about $ 200 a year. And for 4 years- four times more. By the way, there is one pitfall in bribes. Almost all the luminaries of Russian science are afraid to take the money directly from students. And students have to resort to the “walkers”. Their services, of course, are not free. “Commission” is about 30-100%. Assume that you are working through an intermediary modest and he takes on a minimum. Overall it is about 260 $ per year of study. The cheapest micro earphone is worth about 160$. It turns out that the budget set will pay off for the first year of study. If you buy one device for you and your friend – it will pay off already after the first session.

At first glance, this seems too "magical" and many people do not believe it is indeed possible to elude university fees. But it is really truth. The micro-earphone really breaks the tooled professors business.

Students often learn about the micro-earphone from their classmates, which have already bought this miniature device and pass exams without any problems without giving a bribe to lecturers. The friends show their sets and explain how to use them. What can be easier – it is just necessary to choose a model and buy it. However, many people have doubts. Fact all mini earphones work on the same principle, on the same radio frequency, and  if there is already one working set in a lecture hall, the second one cannot find a place “on air”.

We would like to dispel this misconception. Consider for example a set with the micro-earphone on the basis of Bluetooth, in which there is twice created a wireless connection.

First Bluetooth-module communicates with a mobile phone. When pairing the PIN-code is entered. This “fixes” a bunch of “module- phone” and does not transmit signals to other mobile headsets, and the device can take it from a paired phone. Bluetooth-signals from other devices will not interfere with your handset. Many Bluetooth- devices can work at the same room without any interferences. For example, in large office sometimes more than a dozen people use Bluetooth-headset without experiencing any discomfort in connection.

The second wireless “link” is a communication between the inductive loop and the micro-earphone. This loop is worn around the neck not without purpose. It emits a signal that has a very low power and it is spread over a maximum distance of 15-20 cm. It is just enough to get it from the neck to the ear canal. If you move the loop from headphone up to 25-30 cm, no more talk will be heard. So, inductive loop, which is located on the neck of your classmate sitting at the next desk won’t influence the sound of your micro-earphone. Signals of your neighbor just will not come to you, and you will receive information only from YOUR inductive loop.

The similar situation is with sets by using wired headsets Hands Free, except for the lack of Bluetooth-module. Inductive loop is directly connected to the phone via cable, and everything that is transmitted through the wires will not interfere and is not affected by noise from the environment. The signal from inductive loop earpiece is also transmitted accurately at a distance of 15-20 cm.

Employees of our supermarket personally were “trial by combat”, passing the exam in a small auditorium with four working micro-earphones. All of them were rated “Excellent”. The facts speak for themselves.

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