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How to write off the exam with the help of the micro?

How to write off the exam with the help of the micro?
     Earpiece - this is the perfect device for the delivery of the session. But they need to be able to use , to know all the little secrets of this wonderful device. We open to you a few tricks how to use mini headphones and not be seen by the teacher.
      Imagine : there is an exam in a classroom - quiet, and then you need a friend to dictate matters ticket. What to do? The ideal solution - apply any signals to his assistant , pre- negotiated . Take a pen that flips . It we will give the signal . Your assistant reads a list of questions while you're at the right place - click . In line with this , he understands what the answer should you dictate . You can also think of other signals : double clacking - repeated answer to the question , triple clacking - read a little slower , etc. Forgot handle - can be gently tapped on the microphone . But remember - it is gentle and sensitive device .
      If many in the audience uproar - it can play in your favor and oppose you! You - do not hear the voice of a friend ! What do you do then? We will open you a trick. Amplify the sound in the earpiece can be way closer to the loop devices placed on the neck. Make a head tilt to the side , where the earpiece and hear very good friend. Stop when indoors stabilized - you reduce the sound again , aligning the head, and write wonderful masterpiece .
       There is another little trick : Very long microphone can be placed in the sleeve. Raise your hand you whisper all the questions in the sleeve. But here we need to be cautious , that would not catch the eye of an attentive teacher.
 Most teachers are not aware of a device such as earpieces , and the specifics of their actions . But there are those who know about this know-how. To avoid being seen , and not be suspected - still need to know a little trick . You can take to offset a spare phone that, when there is any suspicion , easily and with a pure soul to give the instructor. It's worth doing in order to protect the phone, responsible for liaising with earphone and keep it with you . And you will not be disarmed in the exam. We wish you a pleasant light and donations - and no failures !
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