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The cost of the micro. Justified or not?

The cost of the micro. Justified or not?
     Gathered buy earpiece , many stop and start to think about whether this device such costs ? After all, you can refer to the last century and to roll myself a whole bunch of cheat sheets to pass the exam. However, this method is quite expensive due to the time , because to write cribs just one thing needs a lot of time, and dig in the exam in the whole pack of papers it is very dangerous , because when you get caught , the results can be disappointing at best, you allow retake the subject . And even then you'll definitely have to buy earpiece , as will be nowhere to go . So , why wait ? After all, it's just another method to agree on the exam with a teacher who just can not go on such a request , or quite a tidy sum in comparison with which the value of the micro seem fun.
      And at the university, you will generally expect constant examinations and tests to 15 subjects per session , and know each of these things by heart is simply impossible. And if you want to pay , the cost of each exam and offset you very much upset , as only figure offset starts with $ 50 , to say nothing of the examinations . If you take all the math , the total for the year of training you get a fairly large amount to the cost of that , so to speak , hidden connection seems heaven and earth.
     With this device you will save a lot of time , will be able to gain strength and relax before exams , and you will be able to save a considerable amount on their studies at the university. Especially this earphone in life, you can come in handy many times , because today it is used even politicians in their work. Because it's nice to speak at the podium and hear the support for the party that supports you. And many presidents use earpieces such as myself invisible prompter , which in the case of the forgotten text will always be able to help. Thus , the president of any country will not appear in silly situations .
So buying this product you will never be in the red , as its cost is justified .
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