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Earphone is a crib–note of XXI century

Earphone is a crib–note of XXI century

The eternal opposition of professors and students compels the latter to invent new ways to outwit the examiner. The students’ crib notes evolved for hundreds of years, a small piece of paper was transformed into a modern device - wireless earphone.

Exam is not always a holiday for a student. Memorizing of “kilometers” of formulas and “kilograms” of information from boring tutorials is not interesting for anybody. That’s why students help themselves using crib-notes. The need for them has always been, perhaps, from that moment when educational institution appeared. The first “crib note” entered the history thanks to Karl the Great in IX century. The monarch could not remember his own signature and he had to draw it from the harvested paper. And in one of Chinese museums there is a crib-note dated XIV century.

Since then, progress does not stand still, because inventive young talents were its engine. Some of them demonstrated remarkable ingenuity. For example, the invention of American student: he has printed answers in gray letters on a light-pink paper. It is possible to see a text under the certain angle only. The students also sometimes use a meal for making crib-notes. For example, they scratch difficult formulas on chocolate or make notes on labels of cola.

There is a lot of creative ideas, but the most popular of them can be classified for some groups:

  • If the leaves of paper are not signature and sealed, you can use a proven method: to prepare “bombs” – in advance written answers the questions from examination card. However, this requires a significant amount of work in preparation, because these “bombs” should be written. Besides, it is necessary to remove the crib-notes during exam. This method is reliable but laborious enough.
  • Skilled masters of cheating use the “accordion” - a small strip of paper foldable, fits in your palm. It is also hidden under the arm or in the pockets of the jacket; it is wounded on a core of a transparent pen, put in calculator, pasted on the line. Such method risky and requires skill not to be detected by examiner during all manipulations with a crib-note.
  • There are more modern ways to outwit the examiner, for example, to write clues by special invisible ink which appear only under ultraviolet light. Naturally, you need to have the appropriate mini-flashlight. There is a similar problem as in the previous case, you should everything imperceptible. In addition, sometimes you can’t bring your own sheets to the exam, even for the draft.
  • Efficiency help is also available through the mobile phone, by writing SMS with a question to your friend. And if your friend also has to pass his exam, you can find the answers in java-programs loaded from the Internet. However, they are more suitable for schoolchildren, but not for students, because they contain only general information on the basic school subjects. Moreover, in recent years the use of telephones in the exam in many universities is strictly prohibited and monitored.

However, modern technologies allow not only to spy, but also to listen to the necessary information, as it was known during the filming of the cult Soviet film “Operation “Y””. However, that time the transmitting equipment could be used by radio amateurs which could develop such device by themselves. Nowadays similar to principle of action, but much more subtle (than in the film) devices are available to everyone. We are talking about wireless earphone. This is a small capsule, about an inch long, that can be surreptitiously installed in the ear canal. Earphone is connected  with a mobile phone, and the student gets a clue in real time. It’s funny that like in the Soviet film, some universities create radio interferences blocking the work of mobile phones. The special sets of the micro-earphones are provided for such cases. They are based on two independent radio-sets that are not sensitive to the effects of GSM-jammers.

Hi-tech earphone is not only effective, because it allows to write the exam under dictation, but it is absolutely safe: no teacher would notice the presence in the ear canal of centimeter flesh-colored object.

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